Hello there! 
I'm Nina, a creative and inquisitive woman with a passion for finding beauty in the mundane things of life.
My journey began in the city of Munich, Germany, but destiny led me to spend a transformative decade in the town of Ioannina, Greece. Inspired by the region's rich history and artistic spirit, I created art that reflects my time there.
I started my creative endeavours at the young age of 8, by writing lyrics, short stories and then poetry. Writing has accompanied me my entire life, and as of recently I completed my first poetry book named "Boundless Sea", it is a collection of poems I wrote during the summer of 2021.
Photography and videography sneaked up on me, in my teenage years. I started out by writing scripts and getting my friends to act these out with me. Most of it was comedy or satire. Later on, I started shooting portraits and eventually I discovered my love for landscape photography. Through my work, I strive to reach audiences, create a vision and meaningful connections.
Portrait of Nina
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